Da Lat Trip!!!

This trip was the best trip I ever had. I got to go with friends and slept in a tent, etc. I wish I could stay longer than just 4 days, I had learned a lot of stuff during this trip. Like how to to trust your team or partner, know the difference between group and team, played a lot of activities that I never play before and knew how to speak silence language.  I also got to know the Lac people, which are one of the tribe in Da Lat. It was so  FUN there, at night, we have a bonfire and we did smore to eat and tell ghost story to each other. Day time, we went to climb mountain and did all kind of activities. Like zip line, monkey bridge, trust V, spider web, blindfold blog, buliding raft and visited the orphanage. We even have 4 sub- team and try to earned ember money as much as we could to buy materials for building raft. For this trip, I had experience of how to live in the wild, how to be a team captain, share a room with friends, to have responsibility, and how to have a better environment by picking trash whenever you goes. dalat

Dr. Seuss: The Sneetches

In this video, it talk about two group of  Sneetches. One is star belly sneetches and plain belly sneetches. This two group of sneetches never get along, the star belly sneetches always treated the plain belly sneetches unfair. They don’t let the plain belly sneetches to play with them, because they think that they are better than plain belly sneetches and that they deserve more than the plain belly sneetches. The plain belly sneetches started to feel unfair and sad, so then they decided to get a star like the star belly sneetches. After seeing the plain belly sneetches have their star, the star belly sneetches were so angry so they go to erase their star. Because star belly sneetches want to be ‘ different’ or to be ‘special’ so they don’t like to look like the plain belly sneetches, so they keep changing their stomach. And plain belly sneetches in the other hand, they want to get treat fairly, so they trying to be the same as the star belly sneetches. So all of them keep changing and changing their belly, at the end they find out that they are all the same. They had learn that even if they have star or don’t have star, it doesn’t matter. After seeing this, i think that if they hadn’t been able to change their attitude. Then they might just keep changing their belly and that they wouldn’t know how to get along and will start to believe that they are better than another and stuff. I also think that it is important to include every voice, because then no one would think that they are better than another and won’t judge them for who they are. A society as a whole benefit from the participation from those who have been excluded, because than they won’t have anymore stereotype and people will start to treat each other fairly.

a society as a whole benefit from the participation from those who have been

Here are the video and I would like to recommend to you. Enjoy!!


As you can see, the nomination of Edublogs award is coming soon, and there are a lot of students who like others to vote for them. So I think this year best student blog and best class blog is:

Best student blog: I think best student blog is Jazzing Up Eighth Grade by Abbey. Because all her posts were wonderful and I really like her title.

Best class blog: I think best class blog is iCubed, because I like how she so creative and her quotes

BLogging over your summer holidays

For this summer, I don’t think I’m going to continue blogging. Because I want to spend more time with my family, even though some of these activities are really fun to do. But maybe I would like to do this for next year, because now, I feel like my brain is dying. SO I would like to get back my energy, before I start this blogging again. Also my sisters are going back here to have a vacation with us, so I want to spend time with them and my nieces. It had been a year since we met, so I’m looking forward for it. But for sure I will tell my sister about my blog and how it work and stuff. It kind of random right now, but because of this blogging, I had improve my writing a lot and learned a lot of stuff. Like know what ” FlickrCC” website use for and know how to attribute an image. I really looking forward to learn new stuff in this blogging challenge.



Original Image: May their JOY Embrace U!(Bali Kuta Beach)


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Peer Audit

My friend Diwa is going to give me some of her perspective toward my blogs.

*What were your first impressions of this blog?

_ It very clean, simple in a beautiful way, and organize

*What captured your attention?

_The Shark Break widget

*What distracted you on the blog?

_ The Shark Break widget

*What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

_ Write longer post

Here is a picture of my friend, DIWA


Let See What I’ve Got !!!!

1) How many posts did you write?

I have 24 posts

2) How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

21 posts were school based, 3 posts are my own interest

3) How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?


4) Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

the post that received the most comments is the post “Hello World” ( 9 comments) . I think it had a lot of comments, because it was my first blog and maybe because it was bias.

5) Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

the post that I enjoy writing the most is “Celebration- Family”

6) Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I did change my blog themes twice.

7) How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 8 widgets, I think it okay, it not to much.

8)How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

My Favorite Dessert

My favorite dessert is Ice-cream, because when you eat it, it make you feel cool down. Especially herein Vietnam, we have a humid weather so it best to have a cup of ice- cream. I also like to have ice-cream for dessert, because it have a lot of variety. This dessert not just for me to cool down, it also help me relaxing. When I was young, I always needed to go to the dentist to check up and after the check up, I got to have an ice- cream. SO I find out that ice- cream help your teeth after you go to the dentist. I want to share to you some information about my favorite dessert and also one of my favorite ice- cream store in Vietnam, so here are the links:


_ http://inventors.about.com/od/foodrelatedinventions/a/ice_cream.htm

_ http://www.budsicecream.com.vn/


1) Original Image: Free Rainbow Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone Creative Commons


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2) Original Image: yummy yummy yummy


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ice cream

What can you do as a student to help the environment?

Even though we are student, but we can do a lot of things to help the environment. We could start to use less electricity, like when after you do something in your room, remember to turn off the light after you done, etc. You could also start to recycling stuff like paper,plastic cup, reuse and reduce. Remember that you not only trying to protect your environment, you also need to protecting wild- animal. Especially in Vietnam, stop putting plastic bags or even trash in the river. Because some of the fish will thought that the plastic bag is the jelly fish and will eat them. So remember to recycle, stop throwing stuff in the river or the sidewalk, use less electricity.

Celebration- Family

In my family, almost every summer we get- together and go on a vacation. It really fun, because then I can meet my two sisters who live in Canada and hangout with them for the whole summer. We always go out to have a dinner together or my mom would make hotpot for us to eat. And because this is the only time where we all get together, so we always stay up really late and chatting with each other.  The other thing that make this summer really fun is that, around July is my sister (Vicky) and my father birthday. Once, I remember that on my sister birthday, my house was going all crazy. We were so exciting and nervous , especially my sister, because we didn’t know what to wear and was making a big deal out of it. But it was REALLY fun!! That why I LOVE summer so much.